Manual Cleaning VS Contrac FM’s Cleaning Systems – Returning To Work Post Covid-19

Manual Cleaning VS Contrac FM’s Cleaning Systems – Returning To Work Post Covid-19

Who would have thought this time last year, a year on, we would be preparing to return to work following a 4 month halt on the world, following a global pandemic?

The entire Covid-19 pandemic was completely unpredicted, unprecedented and unexpected. We have never experienced anything like this in our lifetimes and hopefully (with our powerful cleaning technologies) will never have to endure another global pandemic on this scale again.

empty street

Whilst the government begins to loosen the lockdown rules, which were put into place in the UK at the end of February 2020, our fight with the Coronavirus is far from over.

It is very tricky for businesses to decide whether to re-open their doors to the public for an array of different reasons. Will there be another peak? Will my staff and customers be safe if we reopen? Am I doing everything I can as a business to ensure the safety of the public?

So many questions, yet answers are few and far between. It’s currently murky waters at the minute for business owners in many different areas of work.

We, as a country, are in desperate need to get the economy back up and running and the way we can do this is to open our premises and start the spending process…

However, the guidelines and future for a lot of businesses, such as hotels, restaurants, retailers and many more are more uncertain than ever and some businesses are not willing to make the jump just yet, to opening their doors. This is due to an array of reasons such as making sure the right procedures are in place and are being followed and making sure the safety of clients and staff is obtained.

This is where we come in.

Contrac FM are now offering ‘Covid Response Solutions’.

A fully managed technology cleaning service, to not only help you with the initial opening of your business, but also with the continued support to make sure you are compliant with government guidelines to an extremely high standard, ensuring the safety of your staff and customers alike.

But why are our ‘Covid response solutions’ any different to manual cleaning services and is it really worth the investment?

We are offering to the public a fully managed, cleaning solution for you and your business so you can open your doors with full confidence.

But, what are these cleaning solutions?

In brief, we are offering a three step process, which will ensure full confidence that you as a business are doing all that you can to keep the public safe. Our cleaning solutions can come as a three package or you can select which process you would prefer based on your company’s needs and budget.

So what are the three processes?

  1. Thermal imaging (which is used to detect the presence virus)

  2. Mitigation (wearable technology to ensure social distancing measures are being adhered to at all times)

  3. Prevention (non-contact cleaning services using powerful UV light)

Let’s go into a little more detail…

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging works to detect an individual’s body temperature, an extremely common symptom of the Coronavirus is a high temperature (anything above 37.5 degrees). This technology is therefore extremely helpful in determining who could be a potential victim of the virus. This machine is completely contact free and can be used on individuals or in a room of people to single out potentials.

thermal image of persons back

Since the outbreak of the global pandemic, thermal imaging has been used in a number of countries, such as Wuhan, China (the epicentre of the crisis), to detect victims to try and control the spread. Thermal imaging has also been broadly used across key works, within the UK, to detect anyone at risk of catching, spreading and contracting the virus.

But, why not just use a thermometer the manual way to take one’s temperature?

Here’s why…

Infrared hand held thermometers do not always give a precise reading of an individual’s body temperature. However, thermal imaging cameras take a reading from the inner tear duct area. This is a much more localised and precise reading as it is the closest to someone’s body temperature. It is so important that someone with an above average temperature is addressed and removed from the place of work as, if this person is a carrier of the virus, they have the potential to pass it onto 59,000 people in a snowball effect. Unlike the common flu, which can be spread from one person to 1-3 other people, the Coronavirus is much wider and faster spreading and therefore identifying victims is essential. Unlike a hand held thermometer, the thermal imaging technology is so precise it has an accuracy of +/- 0.3 deg.C, is completely contact-free and can detect multiple temperatures in just under 1 second…

Our thermal imaging is also easily installed and easy to use, so don’t let all the big fancy words make you think this technology is way out of your league, even the cave men of the world will be able to use our thermal imaging.

If you was to use a hand held thermometer, it is highly likely staff will have to take off their masks or visors in order for you to insert the thermometer into their mouths or onto their foreheads, that is not necessary with thermal imaging as body temperatures can still be taken whilst wearing full PPE to an accuracy level of 95%, much safer for everyone in that environment, particularly the person who would have to conduct that hand-held test. The endurance of this machine is also incredible, having 24/7 access to online temperature measurements.

Hand-held thermometers really don’t compare to this innovating, precise and safe tool we have to offer. So do what’s best for you, your staff and your customers and invest in a Thermal Imaging Machine.


We decided to add mitigation into the 3-step process as it is extremely important we adhere to social distancing. As a business owner, you would be lying if you said you haven’t been worrying about how you can make sure staff are adhering to the 2m rule continuously whilst in the workplace. And quite frankly, to do this manually, you would need cameras all around your building, eyes in the back of your head and secret agent spies in every deep, dark corner. We figured the likelihood of these things being implemented however is zero, so instead we are offering wearable social distancing technologies.

These can be worn in the form of a lanyard, watch or garment and will make a loud, apparent ‘beeping’ sound when a space of 2m is breached (or 1m depending on your preferences and size of working environment).

You can track when these devices have gone off and you can therefore monitor the movement of your staff. These devices are 100% GDPR compliant and you are at no risk of being faced with a hefty fine from the ICO.

They are highly accurate and this will allow you to see if people are being weary of the 2m guidance and if you are providing a sufficient space to person ratio for your staff. Much better than growing an extra pair of eyes, don’t you agree?

UV Cleaning

Many would argue, why use a UVC cleaning solution when we have cleaners? Well, if you’re wanting to save both time and money, the UVC cleaning solution is perfect for you and your business.

Our UVC cleaners are nothing like you have seen before and are brand new to the market. Providing a fully sanitized station for a variety of different surfaces, room shapes and sizes. Although our machines are new, the idea of UV light to clean and sanitize an area is something that was discovered back in 1897.

How does it work?

UV light has a shorter wavelength than visible light and is able to penetrate and destroy bodies of viruses, bringing their growth to an abrupt end, by damaging their RNA cells and destroying their environment. This is a highly effective substitute for manual cleaning methods and is 60% more effective than your traditional disinfectants and marigolds.

UV cleaning is also a much quicker method, killing 99.9% of the virus in just under 10 seconds. Much less time consuming than a traditional manual cleaner and much more effective.

Thor UVC

A revolutionary robot that enables full 360℃ cleaning as well as ceiling to floor disinfectant. This machine can even reach shaded areas, leaving no room for mistakes. It self-generates cleaning reports, so you can see how effective this machine really is for yourself. This machine also cleans the air, not just surfaces, meaning you can guarantee the obliteration of the Covid-19 virus in any room that it enters. It kills 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses ensuring a spotless environment for both staff and customers. The only UVC system available worldwide that provides 3 pre-treatment room scans, ensuring that the most efficacious disinfection cycle is delivered each and every time.

thor uvc machine

You can fill your clients’ trust for your business as the use of this service comes with a fully THOR UVC CLEANED certification award, if your clients, staff or any regulators ask about the post Covid-19 measurements you have taken to ensure safety in the workplace.

The Thor UVC device is also 100% environmentally friendly and there is no on-going consumables required to use the device or any harsh chemicals being released into the atmosphere. This also means major savings on products and services that may come along with manual cleaning services.

Nanoclave Cleaning Cabinet

This is solely a surface decontaminator that works in conjunction with its partner, the Thor UVC cleaning robot. It penetrates and targets hard-to-reach areas, which would be near enough impossible to reach with a manual clean. It is a 360 degree tool and it works in a 60 second cycle. Again, this device is user and environmentally friendly for a great experience through and through.

How does this all work as a service?

In order to make sure anyone who decides to use our Covid-19 response solutions gets the best experience possible, here’s what will be included in our packages, whether you choose to have the full 3- step process, 2 of the 3 steps or just one step, our customer satisfaction is of top priority to us. Here’s is what we provide:





Report and certification


Final Word

Our services can provide an entirely new cleaning and disinfectant experience compared to the dated and time-consuming manual clean. So, if you want to take extra measures to ensure your business is doing all it can in the fight of the Coronavirus, then get in contact sooner rather than later to discuss our services in more depth.