1095 UVC Cleans Completed

Over 10,000 Scans Each Day

9855 Distancing Breaches Reported

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Contrac FM is part of the Contrac family that has spent over 20 years building a strong reputation for delivering consistently high standards. We provide a range of integrated FM services to businesses of all sizes, designed to meet our customers’ exact needs. 

There is no margin for error when it comes to key services such as cleaning and decontamination or health and safety, which is why so many of our customers only trust Contrac FM to take care of these critical services. By providing specialist services to our customers, they can make cost savings by avoiding recruitment and set up costs of delivering the same service in-house.

Our customers also benefit from our years of experience providing exceptional quality across all sectors and the knowledge and expertise we have in the areas that they require.


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“Contrac FM have been providing a number of services to us for a while now. In that time they have delivered great customer service, become innovative in the delivery of their service especially in the current climate. Contrac FM have the ability to upscale issues if need be calling in other facility management expertise, very reassuring. Contrac FM have now initiated an innovation phase in light of the response to the Covid outbreak, we see this is an exciting development given that will allow us to get back to business as usual quicker than we had planned. We highly recommend their services.”

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UK Food Manufacturer

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