Businesses of all sizes are able to make savings and improve their catering services by outsourcing this to a specialist catering company such as Contrac FM.

Contrac FM is an industry leading integrated facilities management company. with exceptional catering services that provide delicious, nutritious meals to our clients to suit their catering budgets. 

Our network of talented chefs design menus filled with tasty and healthy dishes that are loved by diners.

Why choose CONTRAC FM?

Our experienced catering teams are happy to work with you to develop bespoke catering solutions, driven by your main catering priorities.

If you are looking for a varied and unique menu, our creative chefs will be happy to oblige.

Or, if you require catering services for a big celebratory event, where fine dining and a touch of luxury are top of your priorities, then we specialize in this too.

What we do

Contract Catering

Many of our clients just hand over the full catering responsibilities to us and we manage every aspect of their catering, for onsite restaurants at hospitals and businesses, for example.

Vending Services

We also offer our services to provide vending machines and manage them in terms of stock replenishment and cleaning. Both snack/cold drinks and hot drinks vending machine contracts are available. Speak to our team to find out all of the different vending options available for your business.

Events Catering

From catering for extravagant one-off events, to providing high quality business lunches for meetings and conference events, our team of talented caterers will deliver dishes that impress.

Confectionery Services

Contrac FM also supply confectionery services, which includes delicious bakery products, cakes and sweets for your business.